What is Mova.Club

Mova.Club is created to describe playgrounds - CJ26.Club & Lexe.Club - hosting self-teaching online applications, related mainly to learning Chinese as a foreign language, at least for the moment of this writing - things may change in the future though. When they speak about any kind of (self-) education by means of PC, they usually call it CALL, which stands for Computer-aided (or assisted) language learning. But the term doesn't reflect the actual state of things as the student is still doing or supposed to be doing the heavy part him- or herself: nobody or nothing is doing anything for him/her.

The computer's part may be created by humans and humans only. For this particular reason it is supposed the creators to know how to make students' lives easier. The word easier is different from faster or having fun or anything else the modern preschool and school systems in developed countries and the like may offer. In this web-site case the synonym for easier might be more effective, ideally. There's a long way to cover even for those basic applications presented here, but slow and steady wins the race, always.

Another aspect of any PC-helped self-tuition is hidden in language pairs: information provisioning requires mapping for terms, notions, idioms and context. The lack of the latter appears quite often even among well-known publishers: the language learned is forced to serve the cultural background needs of a learner. In fact, it leads to plain ignorance: instead of grasping the cultural roots of a language in question, they describe situations in foreign language, which should be already known to the student from his or her environment in order to make the student's life easier.

The degradation of standards is in fashion now, in very many forms. For example, Edutainment is a newly-invented word, but they still use it sparingly: it's hard to play with concepts yet. Nonetheless, in real life numerous changes signify the Age of Enlightenment is behind, and the age of virtualization and augmented reality is in front of us. Let's make use of it.